Design and optimization heat network using WANDA

In Lansingerland, The Netherlands, energy supplier Eneco Warmte & Koude B.V. operates a heat network to provide growers with heat. Currently, this heat network receives heat from the E.ON RoCa3 plant. However, heat delivery will decline in near future due to market developments, affecting the profitability of the delivery. Eneco therefore searches a supplementary source or alternative solution. For this reason the possibility of heat trading between growers in Lansingerland is being researched.

WANDA - Heat

Heat distribution network – pipe segments


The development of a virtual (WANDA) and physical infrastructure for heat distribution can avoid a future power shortage. Eneco has chosen to use the software WANDA after an extensive selection procedure. The hydraulic model will be used to identify required design modifications of the heat network and for optimisation of daily heat distribution. In the present situation, several heat storage tanks and CHP units are already installed. By combining the heat demand and supply in a smart way, the total demand can be guaranteed. To determine the optimal heat supply and demand scenario, which also fits within the limitation of the physical system, the heat distribution needs to be optimised with a thermo-hydraulic model. With WANDA this can be realised.

WANDA - User interface

WANDA – User interface

Technical feasibility of a heat network

Eneco wants to avoid heat production shortages by enabling heat trading between the growers. To this end, Eneco and Delft University of Technology want to research the technical feasibility of a heat network. The existing, centralized heat network with E.ON as producer and a multiple of growers as buyers must then be transformed into a decentralised WANDA heat network. A future power shortage could then be accommodated by heat originating from the growers’ CHPs and heat buffers. The foreseen dynamic matching of supply and demand leaves connecting geothermal sources less risky and potentially more profitable.