The Dutch National Ecosystem Assessment; Digital Atlas Natural Capital

Information for the sustainable use of natural capital

Like all the other countries in the European Union, the Netherlands is examining the extent to which the natural system can deliver the ‘ecosystem services’, such as drinking water or flood prevention, that are so important for people. By monitoring the status of the natural system and determining the value it has for society as a whole, it is possible to take well-informed decisions about the use of water, the subsurface and other aspects of natural capital in the Netherlands. Against that background, a range of research institutes have joined forces after a request from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to develop an atlas that describes natural capital in the Netherlands.


Ecosystem services linked to the water and soil system

Deltares is contributing to the atlas by developing maps showing the extent to which the ecosystem can deliver ecosystem services and to what degree people use ecosystem services. The scientific basis and practicality are safeguarded by means of collaboration with international experts and potential users of the maps.