Integrated Infrastructure Initiative HYDRALAB-IV

The co-ordinated and integrated approach of HYDRALAB aimed at structuring the access to unique and costly hydraulic and ice engineering research infrastructures in the European Research Area. The network of HYDRALAB is unique in the hydraulic research community and has large experience in co-operating since its start in 1997. It began by informing and co-ordinating the activities of the partners in HYDRALAB I and II, and via strong collaboration in HYDRALAB III we now realized further integration of our research services in Europe in HYDRALAB IV. Over the course of 10 years our network has grown from 8 participants in 1997 to a total of 30 partners and associated partners from 15 countries today.

Barrier Dynamics Experiment, Deltares

Research in our infrastructures deals with complex questions regarding the interaction of water with environmental elements, sediment, structures and ice and goes beyond just hydraulic research: hence we have adopted the theme More than water, with the following elements:

  • Water and environmental elements (focusing on ecology and biology)
  • Water and sediment
  • Water and structures
  • Water and ice