DRISK: Reducing the risks of bio-based processes

The bio-based industry is an emerging industry that contributes to sustainability and to saving energy and raw materials. However, during the process, intermediate products and waste flows are created, and it is not known what they contain. As a result, we do not know whether they involve ecological risks. This cannot be determined using conventional risk tools.

Eco innovatie DRISK

New tools for mapping out risks

The dRisk project is developing risk tools that can identify the ecological risks. They are based not on the individual substances present in the bio-based intermediate products and waste flows but on the total potential impact.

To make samples of intermediate products or waste flows suitable for these effect-based methods, only the chemical pollutants from a sample of this kind should be available. Preferably in a constant, controlled concentration, without interference from matrix effects. With this in mind, the passive dosing approach is used in combination with passive sampling as developed by Deltares.

The dRisk end product is a toolbox. It contains methods (bio-assays), that can effectively manage and monitor the processes and waste flows in bio-based industry.

Contributing to the added value of the bio-based industry

The effective management and monitoring of the processes and waste flows in the bio-based industry will allow that industry to produce even more added value by comparison with conventional industry, with a more sustainable future as a result.

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