In salvage and wreck removal operations, the complexity, operational and environmental requirements call for a multidisciplinary approach. Deltares understands this and provides specialist knowledge in areas like geotechnical and coastal engineering, morphology, dredging, metocean and eco-engineering.

Smart ran aground on a sand ridge while exiting Richard’s

Early phase of. the incident.

Early phase of the incident.

Bay port, South Africa. Deltares investigated the potential impact of the wreck on the coastline (near and far field scour) before and after removal, which enabled partial instead of complete removal of the vessel. A carefully designed sand cover ensures an adequate burial depth of the remains. After placing the sand cover, the area around the wreck site is regularly being surveyed to detect morphological trends.


Bathymetric survey around the wreck

Bathymetric survey around the wreck after removal of stern section.