System Integration and Technical Assistance for Strengthening of Weather Forecasting and Early Warning Systems in Vietnam

Deltares leads study to improve weather forecasting and early warning in Vietnam

In a Joint Venture with HaskoningDHV and the Centre for Environmental Fluid Dynamics (Vietnam National University), Deltares provides consulting services for improving weather forecasting and early warning systems for disaster preparedness in Vietnam. The project is financially supported through a World Bank loan to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and will last for four years.



Supporting the National Hydro-Meteorological Service of Vietnam

Vietnam is prone to a variety of natural hazards, such as floods, typhoons, droughts and landslides. Accurate weather forecasts and early warnings are therefore an essential part of the country’s disaster risk management system. Despite large investments in the hydro-meteorological infrastructure, forecasting and warning capabilities are still fairly weak. This project will support the National Hydro-Meteorological Service of Vietnam with a design of an integrated national hydro-meteorological system which will connect the currently fragmented observation and monitoring infrastructure.

Weather forecasting Vietnam


The project includes 67 person-months of international experts as well as 250 person-months of national staff. Besides the three JV partners also the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the Indian consultant RMSI and the Californian based consultant Innovative Hydrology Inc. provide input to this challenging project. Deltares provides the project manager who is stationed for 2 years in Hanoi. Furthermore, Deltares will provide advice on data management and sharing, hard- and software needs as well as on modeling for early warning. A demonstrator will be built based on Delft-FEWS to show the capabilities of an integrated EWS.