TEEB case Flood risk management: what is the value of natural solutions?

Scientific programmes like TEEB (the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) have developed large amounts of knowledge about the value of ecosystems and the ecosystem services they deliver to people. This knowledge can help us to understand the added value of natural (nature-based) solutions for challenges facing society, such as flood prevention. In this project, Deltares is working with Alterra in the Delta Programme on research to determine the extent to which existing knowledge and tools can be applied in this area and optimised. This involves looking at both the feasibility of ecosystem services research and the value of the information in an area process.

Duursche Waarden

Delta Programme Rivers pilot project: high-water channel near Varik-Heeselt

A range of possible high-water channel variants are being studied to determine which ecosystem services (and ecological values) can be delivered. The detailing of the selected ecosystem services and the implementation of the results in the planning process are closely coordinated with the Provincial Authority of Gelderland and other stakeholders in the region.

That creates the best opportunities to extend the research to include the realisation of the ecosystem services in this pilot project.

Delta Programme Wadden pilot project: flood protection in the Eems delta

The ecosystem services (and ecological values) will be explored in greater detail, worked out and, where possible, quantified for three variants. The analyses will be conducted in close consultation with the stakeholders in the region so that they will be as involved as possible with the results of the feasibility study being conducted in parallel and with the subsequent administrative decisions.