A study of the options for quality requirements relating to the distribution of saline dredged materials containing PFAS in coastal waters

This study investigated the consequences of expanding the current list of substances in the Saltwater Dredging Test (ZBT) to include PFAS compounds. From the wide range of PFAS compounds, three compounds have been selected for which test values have been drawn up:
1. The content of PFOS in dredging spoil, because
2. The content of PFOS in dredging spoil, as this substance occurs at relatively high levels in sediment and accumulates most strongly in marine fish and marine mammals,
3. The content of EtFOSAA and
The content of MeFOSAA because both substances can be found in relatively high concentrations in harbour sediment and are converted in PFOS,
4. the sum of PFOS, EtFOSAA and MeFOSAA


The report is in Dutch