PFAS in natuurpark Westerschelde

In 2021, measurement and research data on PFAS in the Scheldt estuary received a lot of media attention. This concerned in particular reports about discharges of PFAS by the company 3M and the content of the current permit. Governments and citizens in Zeeland have many concerns and questions about the risks of these discharges polluting the Scheldt estuary and thus potentially harming people and nature. This requires an insight into the risks around newly developed and yet-to-be-developed nature areas outside the dikes along the Westerschelde, in this memorandum further referred to as NPW projects. These include possible risks to local residents, risks to the development of nature values and financial risks (costs and the possibility of recovering these). The latter category of risks falls outside the scope of this memorandum.

The Province of Zeeland approached Deltares to prepare a brief substantive (scientific) memorandum.

The memo is in Dutch.