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  • Influence of oblique wave attack on stability of placed block revetments

    Authors: Klein Breteler, M.; Bezuijen, A.; Provoost, Y. (2009)

    Proc. of 31th ICCE conference, Hamburg Germany.

  • Large scale tests of boulder clay erosion at the Wieringermeer dike (IJsselmeer)

    Authors: Wolters, G.; Nieuwenhuis, J.W.H.; Meer, J.W. van der; Klein Breteler, M. (2009)

    Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Coastal Engng (ICCE2008), Hamburg, Germany, 31 August?5 September, 2008.

  • Impact of dredging and dumping on the stability of ebb-flood channel systems

    Authors: Jeuken, M.C.J.L.; Wang, Z.B. (2010)
    Published in: Coastal engineering : an international journal for coastal, harbour and offshore engineers, volume 57 (2010) issue 6, page 553-566

  • Maasvlakte 2 reclamation : maintaining safe navigation during construction

    Authors: Kant, G.; Bijlsma, A.C. (2010)

  • Long-term morphodynamic modeling of equilibrium in an alluvial tidal basin using a proces-based approach

    Authors: Wegen, M. van der; Wang, Z.B.; Townend, I.; Savenije, H.H.G.; Roelvink, J.A. (2009)

     The current research aimsto investigate morphological equilibrium conditions for long-term estuarine development. Use is made of a 2D process-basednumerical model (Delft3D), which is based on a relatively simple formulation using the shallow water equations,the Engelund-Hansen sediment transport formulation and bed slope effects.

  • Assessing the discharge of pharmaceuticals along the Dutch coast of the North Sea

    Authors: Walraven, N.; Laane, R.W.P.M. (2009)

    The presence of pharmaceutical hemicals in the environment was mentioned in thelate 1970s by Highnite and Azarnoff (1977) , and in the mid-1980s by Richardson and Bowron (1985) and Rogers et al. (1986) . However, little attention was paid to these substances as potential environmental pollutants until the early 1990s (Weigel 2003) .

  • Numerical and physical aspects of wave modelling in a tidal inlet

    Authors: Vledder, G.P. van; Groeneweg, J.; Westhuysen, A.J. van der (2009)

    Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Coastal Engng (ICCE2008), Hamburg, Germany.

  • Coupled 1D-3D hydrodynamic modelling, with application to the Pearl River Delta

    Authors: Twigt, D.J.; Goede, E.D. de; Zijl, F.; Schwanenberg, D. (2009)

    Within the hydrodynamic modelling community, it is common practice to apply different modelling systems for coastal waters and river systems. Whereas for coastal waters 3D finite difference or finite element grids are commonly used, river systems are generally modelled using 1D networks. Each of these systems is tailored towards specific applications....

  • Effect of vitamin B12 pulse addition on the performance of cobalt deprived anaerobic granular sludge bioreactors

    Authors: Gonzalez Fermoso, F.; Bartacek, J.; Lens, P.N.L. (2010)
    Published in: Bioresource technology, volume 101 (2010) issue 14, page 5201-5205

  • Throughflow as a determining factor for a habitat contiguity in a near-natural fen

    Authors: Loon, A.H. van; Griffioen, J.; Bierkens, M.F.P. (2009)

    In this study,steady-state groundwater modelling was performed to quantify the impact of throughflow mechanismson the presence of exfiltrated, alkaline groundwater across a near-natural fen in the Biebrza River catchment.

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