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  • Experimental research on the effects of surface screens on a mobile bed

    Author: Troost, S.T. (2010)

  • Navigability at an unstable bifurcation : the Montano-Murindo bifurcation of the Atrato River in Colombia

    Author: Melman, F.C.R. (2011)

    This document forms the final thesis report to accomplish the Master of Science degree in Hydraulic Engineering at Delft University of Technology, faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. The thesis' subject regards a navigability study of the Atrato River in Colombia, which zooms in on sedimentation problems that evolve around a bifurcation. This study is carried out at Deltares under the supervision of dr. ir. Mosselman and dr. ir. Sloff.

  • Naar nieuwe ketens voor het benutten van eendenkroos

    Authors: Nieuwenhuis, R.; Maring, L. (2009)

    U kent het wel: eendenkroos. Het kleine plantje dat binnen de kortste keren de hele sloot kan bedekken met een groen tapijt, wat overlast kan veroorzaken voor de waterbeheerder, omdat de watergangen dichtgroeien. Datzelfde kroos (Lemna spec.) is tegelijk een intrigerend plantje: het blijkt vol te zitten met eiwitten en vormt snel – en gratis – biomassa. Diverse toepassingen zijn potentieel interessant: als veevoer, visvoer of biobrandstof.

  • Uncertainty terminology

    Authors: Kwakkel, J.H.; Mens, M.J.P. (2011)

    This document is intended to provide an overview of the wide variety of terms and concepts that are being used when discussing uncertainty. This document has been written in response to an expressed need by the Knowledge for Climate theme 2 consortium to get some clarity on the terminology that is being used when discussing uncertainty in various scientific and policy domains. This document has been written by the researchers working on projects belonging to work package 5 on uncertainty.

  • Risk management for roads in a changing climate : a guidebook to the RIMAROCC method

    Authors: Bles, T.J.; Mens, M.J.P. (2010)

    This project was initiated within the ERA-NET ROAD Coordination Action, “ENR SRO3 - Road Owners Getting to Grips with Climate Change”. The partners in ERA-NET ROAD (ENR) were Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The Guidebook is part of the RIMAROCC project with the objective to develop a common ERA-NET ROAD method for risk analysis and risk management, with regard to climate change, for Europe.

  • NCK-days 2006 : book of abstracts (Den Haag, March 23-24, 2006)

    Originally published in 2006

  • Dynamic behaviour of hydraulic structures, part A : structures in flowing field

    Authors: Kolkman, P.A.; Jongeling, T.H.G. (2007)

  • Water resources systems planning and management : an introduction to methods, models and applications

    Authors: Loucks, D.P.; Beek, E. van (2005)

  • Dynamisch gedrag van waterbouwkundige constructies, deel A : constructies in stroming

    Authors: Kolkman, P.A.; Jongeling, T.H.G. (1996)

  • The Kreekrak locks on the Scheldt-Rhine connection

    Authors: Kolkman, P.A.; Slagter, J.C. (1976)

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