Construction Pit game

The Construction Pit game is a serious game for municipal managers of construction projects. The players acquire insight into hazards associated with a construction pit and learn how to manage them successfully, in both technical and communicative terms.

Construction pit game 1

Managing under pressure

A construction pit is simulated on a touch screen. The participants are faced with a range of geotechnical situations and have to prevent events that could lead to unexpected costs. The impact of their decisions is shown immediately so that it is clear straightaway whether a decision is right.

Construction pit game 2

Direct evaluation

The players get feedback directly about their interventions in the form of news reports. Those reports show whether communication with the client and the local residents have been adequate. In this way, project managers learn to work under pressure and to deal with the emotions of local residents. The game is set up to train municipal managers and with that to minimize the undesired, negative impact on technical decisions.

Construction pit game 3