Levee Patroller

The Levee Patroller is a serious game set up especially for training levee inspectors. In a virtual game-like environment future Levee Patrollers learn what to focus on during levee inspections. They also learn how to report observations and to follow the correct procedures when they have found indications for anomalies in the levee.

levee patroller 3

Game-based learning

The game consists of a virtual environment that simulates a range of situations that require serious attention of the levee patroller. The players (trainees) can virtually walk around without restrictions and decide for themselves where to inspect. Obviously some places are more important than other places and need regular observation. Not only when water levels are high, but also during dry periods inspections are necessary. Both extreme situations can lead to problems with levees and involve risk of dike failure.

levee patroller


The Levee Patroller was developed by Deltares together with five Dutch water authorities and the Delft University of Technology. A demo version is also available as an App. The App is free for use and available in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

 levee patroller 2