D-Foundations – Bearing Piles(EC7-B)

This module is similar to the base module of D-Foundations for bearing piles, however, in this case the Belgium National Annex of the Eurocode 7 has been used. The Belgium Annex for bearing piles supports all three models available in D-Foundations:

  • Method “de Beer”
  • Method “Van Impe/de Beer”
  • Method NEN.

The bearing capacity for the pile tip, q b, is calculated with one of the three above methods. D-Foundations also supports rules that incorporate shaft  bearing capacity, q s. Finally, the construction design value, R cd, is calculated incorporating the safety philosophy of the Eurocode 7.

Window showing results for Method de de Beer. Blue line is Rcd, black lines the Fr per probing

The Bearing piles module for the Belgian method supports the input of mechanical CPT’s, electric CPT’s and CPT’s that can be downloaded free of charge from the DOV (Databank Ondergrond Vlaanderen).

D-Foundations Bearing Piles(EC7-B) is available as part of the BE Bearing Piles package. For more information, see D-Foundations Service Packages.