D-Foundations – Bearing piles(EC7-NL)

This model is intended for the design and verification of bearing piles. In short terms it allows for the input of projects, the analysis, and it provides tabulated and graphical output of results both on-screen and in a report. The output is available in Dutch and English. The bearing piles module is used to first determine the bearing capacity with depth for a number of preferred piles.

Load settlement curve for bearing piles

Once the bearing capacity is determined, the user can choose the most appropriate pile. After the preliminary design, the entire pile plan is entered and can be checked according to the design code. The result of this verification will show if the design is according to the standard and will also provide the user with the calculated settlements. The program provides fast options for re-calculation, using different pile types and fine-tuning of the pile plan. In this manner a cost efficient design can easily be obtained.

Some specific features for this model include:

CPT interpretation

The automatic CPT interpretation uses the relation between cone resistance and skin friction using standard interpretation rules such as the well-known Robinson (CUR) rule. The user can specify the layer thickness to be distinguished. After the interpretation the proposed soil profile can be edited by the user. I.e. layers can be changed, added, removed or changed in thickness graphically.
If desired, users can specify their own interpretation rule by specifying the relation between the cone resistance and skin friction. For each rule, the user can specify the soil type to be recognized. One can use the soil type preset by D-Foundations, according to the table of standard soil types as specified in the Eurocode 7, or specify their own soil types table.

Interpretatiescherm voor sonderingenCPT interpretation window

Pile library

A pile library containing most standard piles provides the default parameters according to the design code. This includes α p, the pile factor for the pile point and α s, the pile factor for shaft friction, the pile stiffness and the pile adhesion. Users can also specify their own pile types and properties.

Scherm met palenbibliotheekThe pile library window

Pile grid generator

The pile grid generator eases the input of complex pile plans for equally spaced as well as non structured pile groups.

Gegenereerd palenplan in bovenaanzichtGenerated pile group after using pile grid generator


Tree view

D-Foundations uses a tree view that contains all menu-items relevant to a design/verification calculation. The user can navigate through these items manually, or use a wizard that fills in the required input for a standard pile design calculation.

Tree viewTree view