D-Foundations – Feasibility

During the design of a piled foundation, the foundation is checked according to guidelines like the Eurocode. In practice, this the does not guarantee that the project is feasible. This may depend on many other local factors, among which the equipment used during construction. For this purpose, the use of the Feasibility module helps the user to evaluate the feasibility of their project by comparison with experiences.

GeoBrain foundation technics experiences

In 2002, GeoDelft started a project called GeoBrain which aim was to develop a prediction model for the feasibility of foundation works. Hundreds of project experiences concerning the driving of sheet pile walls and piles were therefore received for study. The Feasibility module provides access to these experiences. These may help the users to predict the feasibility of their projects.

GeoBrain foundation technics predictions

The designed piles can also be checked using the GeoBrain prediction model. D-Foundations will transfer the information over the internet to the GeoBrain predictions model. Results of GeoBrain are represented and pre-cautions for improvement are suggested.

Geobrain outputD-Foundations Feasibility module

D-Foundations – Feasibility is┬ápart of the Basic Service package and is included in all D-Foundations Service packages. For more information, see D-Foundations Service packages.