D-Foundations – Shallow Foundations (EC7-NL)


This model allows for the design of strip footings, as well as square or circular footings. The verification is based on the Eurocode 7 design code for shallow foundations, and the Dutch National Annex. For the Shallow Foundations model the following options are available:

  • horizontal and vertical loads
  • load spread
  • eccentricity of loads
  • interaction between footings
  • automatic optimization of foundation size for given loads
  • maximum bearing capacity for a given foundation
  • verification of the foundation according to design code
  • check on punch through for foundations on non-cohesive layers located above a cohesive layer
  • check on tip-over stability
  • check on bearing capacity if a slope is nearby
  • check on squeezing effects.

Scherm voor het invoeren van belastingen bij funderingen op staalLoading input for shallow foundations