D-Foundations – Tension Piles(EC7-NL)

For some constructions a foundation capable of dealing with uplift forces is needed. A foundation on tension piles may offer a more economical alternative to constructions that counter the uplift forces by ballast. The tension pile module is used to determine the pile length needed according to the Eurocode 7. D-Foundations determines the tensile capacity and required length for each pile in a user defined pile group for different pile types and selected CPT’s.

The Tension piles module takes into account:

  • reduction of cone resistance due to excavation
  • safety factors for design
  • effects of pile installation
  • reduction of stresses due to tension forces in pile groups
  • pile weight and weight of soil body being pulled.

Resultaten kunnen in rapportvorm verkregen worden in het Nederlands en het EngelsResults are presented on-screen and as printed reports

D-Foundations – Tension Piles(EC7-NL) is available as part of the NL Tension Piles service package. For more information, see D-Foundations Service packages.