D-Geo Pipeline – Trench


The majority of the underground pipelines are installed in a trench. After excavation of the trench, the pipeline is installed at the bottom of the trench and subsequently covered by the excavated soil. The interaction between the pipe and the condition of the soil material, which is placed back in the trench plays an important role in the engineering of the pipe. The compaction of the fill leads to differential settlement of the fill above the pipe and that adjacent to the pipe.

Pipeline in trench


  • Upheaval and Uplift check.
  • Graphical output of the calculated uplift safety factor; upheaval safety.
  • Calculation of settlement of the soil layers below the pipeline.

Uplift safety

Pipeline installation in wet soft soil environments may lead to buoyant behaviour of the pipeline. In case of superficial installation the soil cover above the pipeline may be insufficient to withstand the buoyant force of an empty pipeline. D-Geo Pipeline provides an Uplift check and Uplift safety factor chart.

Uplift safety

The Trench module comes as part of the D-Geo Pipeline Trench package.
For more information, see D-Geo Pipeline Service packages.