D-Pile Group – Cap model

Banner-D-Pile-group-736x190-px_736x190_acf_cropped_736x190_acf_croppedThe Cap module includes multilayered soils using linear or non linear (elasto-plastic) springs. Cap interaction is taken into account, but interactions between piles through soil are not taken into account. The Cap module is therefore especially useful for single pile analyses or pile groups with relatively large spacing. Generation of the springs requires limited input and offers choices ranging from automatically created elasto-plastic springs according to the API rules to fully user defined spring characteristics (linear or elastoplastic).

Cap ModelCap model


  • Elasto-plastic soil behaviour.
  • Layered soil (max. 99 layers).
  • No pile-soil-pile interaction.
  • Input of prescribed displacements.
  • Raking piles.