D-Pile Group – Cap Soil Interaction


The Cap Soil Interaction module includes single pile behaviour based on the behaviour of multilayered non linear soils by means of lateral and axial (elastic/elasto-plastic) springs. It allows for input of non uniform piles while elastic soil-pile-soil group interaction is taken into account. This module is advised for small group spacings. It is not as fast as the above mentioned models, but provides detailed data about forces and moments along the length of the piles. It also allows for the use of surface loads.

Cap Soil Interaction modelCap Soil Interaction model


  • Elasto-plastic soil behaviour.
  • Layered soil (max. 99 layers).
  • Pile-soil-pile interaction for 1 layer.
  • Surface loads.
  • Raking piles.

D-Pile Group comes as a standard module, which can be extended further with other modules to fit more advanced applications