D-Pile Group – Dynamic


Banner-D-Pile-group-736x190-px_736x190_acf_cropped_736x190_acf_croppedThe Dynamic module is a dedicated calculation model for dynamic analysis of a collision of a ship against a pile cap. It can be used for both single-pile and multi-pile dolphins. It accounts for the inertia effects due to the mass of the cap and the piles. The loading is restricted to a mass (ship) impacting the cap at a point, in a direction and at a speed which can be selected by the user. It also incorporates a special soil reaction model that accounts for undrained lateral loading in sand.

Tijd-kracht grafiek na aanvaring door een schipTime-force curve after ship collision


  • Layered soil (max. 99 layers).
  • No pile-soil-pile interaction.
  • Raking piles.


D-Pile Group comes as a standard module, which can be extended further with other modules to fit more advanced applications