D-Pile Group – Poulos model


The standard module is intended for the analyses of single piles and/or pile groups, using the Poulos model or the Cap module. The Graphic User Interface allows for the input of projects, running the analyses and provides tabular and graphical output of results both on screen and in a report. The program provides ample options for recalculation, using different pile types and fine-tuning of the pile plan. In this manner a cost efficient design can easily be obtained. Some specific features of the standard module will be described in the following paragraphs:

Schoorpalen onder viaduct voor de HSL bij RotterdamRaking piles in High Speed rail viaduct

Pile grid generator

The pile grid generator eases the input of complex pile plans for equally spaced as well as non structured pile groups. After the input of piles it is possible to check each pile graphically.

Paal grid generatorPile grid generator

Loads and soil displacement

Loads and moments can be applied on the superstructure in all directions (x, y and z). As an alternative to force and moment controlled loading any of the loads can be replaced by its corresponding displacement or rotation. It is thus also possible to apply a prescribed translation or rotation in some or all directions (x, y and z). In the Cap model the piles can also be loaded directly by soil displacements.

Scherm paaleigenschappenPile properties window


Input and output tables, graphs and a report are available for printing, viewing and for export to standard Windows applications through the Windows clipboard. Charts are available to show displacements, bending moments, shear forces, in x, y and z direction for individual piles. It is also possible to view results for displacements, bending moments and shear forces in a top view for all piles. Cap displacements and rotations can also be visualised.

Uitvoerscherm voor krachten en vervorming van individuele palen

Uitvoerscherm voor krachten en vervorming van individuele palen

Output window for individual piles

Poulos model

The Poulos model is an analytical model that takes into account elastic soil behaviour for two soil layers. One layer along the pile and one layer located below the pile tip. Cap interaction and interaction between piles is taken into account. The Poulos model is especially useful in a first analysis, when only little data is available or when the loads are small and the soil is expected to behave mainly elastically.

Poulos modelPoulos model


  • Elastic soil behaviour.
  • 2 layers.
  • Pile-soil-pile interaction for 2 layers.

D-Pile Group comes as a standard module, which can be extended further with other modules to fit more advanced applications