The OpenMI (Open Modeling Interface) Standard is a software component interface definition. It was originally conceived to facilitate the simulation of interacting processes, particularly environmental processes. It did so by enabling independent models of the processes to exchange data as they ran, time step by time step. However, it was quickly realised that OpenMI could be made into a generic solution to the problem of data exchange between any models, not just environmental models, and soon after that not just models but software components. Hence, it could be applied to linking any combination of models, databases and analytical and visualisation tools.

The objectives of the Association are to promote the development, use, management and maintenance of the Open Modelling Interface (the OpenMI), a standard for the runtime exchange of data between software components for environmental management. The Association seeks to achieve this goal by, among other things :

  • Promoting information exchange and discussion among like minded organisations and individuals
  • Sustaining the maintenance and development of the OpenMI Standard and its supporting software
  • Facilitating the advancement of integrated modelling by promoting the use of the OpenMI