Operational Water Quality Management System (Delft-FEWS)

Circumstances change, events happen. Every water authority or water manager likes to know the consequences of and the options for measures to be taken, as he/she is required to (re)act timely on changes or events. When faced with such events related to, for example, accidental spills, bacterial contamination, elevated water temperature or harmful algal blooms, this timely reaction can be crucial to decrease or avert the impact on public health, industry and local ecology.

Delft-FEWS is an integration platform designed to provide you with this functionality, which is used in Operational Water Quality Management world wide by agencies dealing with operational water management. This open shell system provides plug-ins for real-time data retrieval, management, processing and visualization. In addition, it provides plug-ins for automatic (predictive) modeling and impact assessment. The system has an easy to use client application for operators to assess relevant information. Delft-FEWS can be used free-of-charge and supports a large array of plug-ins for different modeling suites. Plug-ins also exist for the Deltares’ in-house modeling suites Delft3D and SOBEK, both of which include the DELWAQ water quality model.