Sand Suppletion game

The Sand Suppletion game is a serious game for students, policy-makers and designers involved in coastal development processes. It mimics the coastal squeeze policy makers need to deal with. The Sand Suppletion game is meant to make players aware of the struggles involved in sand replenishment, coastal protection, nature conservation and local economy.

sand suppletion game 1

Coastal Squeeze

Players are given responsibility for managing the coastline for the next century. They have to achieve a balance between measures for risk reduction and reserving space for economic growth. This game demontrates the consequences of the combination of storm tides, coastal erosion, economic and population growth. Players must make tactical decisions, and the location of the sand replenishment operations, the amount of sand and the timing are all important.

sand suppletion game 2

One solution is to supply enough sand to replenish and strengthen the coast. But how? Do you deposit the sand in the foreshore? When do you raise the land level with direct sand deposition? Do you want to be ready for infrequent super storms? Do you allow population levels and the economy to grow near the coastline? Or do you move land inwards, and take less risk?

sand suppletion game 3

The Sand Suppletion game was developed by Deltares. A free demo version of the game is available in the Google Play and Apple App store.