Webinar Beneficial Use of Sediment as a resource: latest research development at Deltares

Throughout the world, different ecosystems experience disruption of the natural sediment balance. Sediment is still perceived, and often regulated, as waste. However, it should be considered and treated as a key natural resource. Beneficial use of sediment (BU) represents a key priority area of Deltares Sustainability Strategic Research Program. This program includes the development, quantification and mainstreaming of sustainable solutions focusing on natural and delta-related resources. BU is fundamentally related with Nature-based Solutions and intrinsically circular.

This webinar will provide three examples of BU development at Deltares: ripening of dredge material into (dike) clay; measuring greenhouse gasses (GHG) from sediments; accelerating dewatering through worms. The webinar is meant for both technical and less-technical audience with interest in BU and will link research development to applications, highlighting their societal impact.

Webinar presenters

The webinar presenters:

  • Luca Sittoni
  • Ebi Meshkati
  • Miguel Angel de Lucas
  • Stefan Jansen