CIFRe Webinar: Guidance for Application of the CIrcle Tool

Since 2016, Broward County, South Florida Water Management District and Deltares USA have been partnering, as part of the NOAA funded CIFRe Project, to assess direct and cascading impacts of flood events on critical infrastructure (CI) functioning and resilience using the Critical Infrastructure – Relations and Consequences for Life and Environment (CIrcle) Tool.

On September 24, Deltares, Broward County and South Florida Water Management District have organized a Webinar to present the CIrcle Tool, share their experiences and give advice on how the tool can be used in workshops for other case studies.

The CIrcle Tool is a new, open online tool to support stakeholders, in a workshop setting, in assessing the resilience of CI systems to floods. The tool has a graphical user-friendly interface capturing shared knowledge and visualizing infrastructure interdependencies. The results of a Circle session can subsequently be used in an interactive 3D model supporting: the visualization and quantification of direct and cascading flood impacts in areas of interest; and the identification, evaluation and prioritization of adaptation measures enhancing flood resilience of critical infrastructure systems and communities.

The approach supports the analysis of key infrastructure in various sectors (power, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare), interconnectivity and dependencies, and estimated impact thresholds, to help prioritize areas of needed adaptation. It combines data on flooding events, exposure and vulnerability at the local level.

The “CIFRe Webinar: Guidance for Application of the CIrcle Tool” took place on Monday, September 24, 2018, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET.

Webinar presenters

The webinar session presenters are:

  • Andreas Burzel, MSc.
    Engineer/Researcher, Deltares
  • Dr. Claire Jeuken
    Senior Consultant/Researcher, Deltares USA
  • Dr. Jennifer Jurado
    Director and Chief Resilience Officer, Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division, Broward County
  • Dr. Jayantha Obeysekera
    Research Professor and Director of the Sea Level Solutions Center, Florida International University