Create your first iMOD groundwater flow model

iMOD is an easy to use Graphical User Interface and an accelerated Deltares-version of MODFLOW with fast, flexible and consistent sub-domain modeling techniques. iMOD facilitates very large, high resolution MODFLOW groundwater modeling and also geo-editing of the subsurface. The capability of iMOD to rapidly view and edit model inputs is essential to build effective models within reasonable timeframes.

iMOD-toggling between grid resolutions

iMOD is open source software and the Deltares-executables of iMOD are available free of charge. The iMOD community is growing and all iMOD users benefit from newly developed iMOD features. For more info on iMOD, please have a look on our open source website

In this first iMOD webinar we will create a MODFLOW groundwater flow model step by step. It includes basics like installation of iMOD and data viewing and editing in 2D and 3D. The webinar will be based on Tutorial 4 of the iMOD User Manual. For this webinar, no experience in using iMOD is required.

The webinar was given by Mr. Frans Roelofsen (Hydro-geologist, Deltares).