Webinar Delft-FEWS 2019.02 New Features

This free Delft-FEWS webinar presented the new functionality of Delft-FEWS 2019.02, including:

  • Creating and sharing custom dashboards.
  • Improved Spatial Display, including ensembles.
  • Improvements to LocationSets using attributes
  • New functionality to improve the look, feel and simplify underlying configuration.

On 29 April 2020, we demonstrated these new capabilities, and described other software improvements to improve performance.

A Delft-FEWS Canada template system has been used, highlighting connectivity to public data via OGC standards.

Videos Available Online

The complete recorded webinar is now available online, along with the 5 stand-alone tutorial videos for 2019.02 features.


Webinar presenter

The webinar presenter is Dave Casson, Researcher / Engineer at Deltares, The Netherlands.