How to take action and manage water risks beyond the fence-line


Global water crises are the biggest threat facing the planet over the next decade – according to the World Economic Forum’s Top 10 Global Risks of 2015. More recently, companies have become more aware of the fact that, if left unaddressed, water risks may threaten business growth and profitability.

So, what can you do to mitigate your water related risks, improve your stakeholder relationships and develop a more resilient business?

Join us on Tuesday 14 June at 10 am CET and 5 pm CET to hear experts from CDP, South Pole Group, Deltares and LafargeHolcim share key insights on how you can take action beyond the fence-line. As water-related risks normally stem from conditions in the wider catchment, moving beyond the four walls of your operations allows you to have a greater impact on the water basin that your operations depend on. It also provides you with an opportunity to proactively and strategically engage with key stakeholders in the catchment to reach common goals.

During the webinar, we will provide answers to your most pertinent questions:
• Why do investors care about water and how are they expecting you to respond?
• Is taking action beyond the fence-line a viable option for managing water risks?
• What are the most suitable interventions and solutions for my company?
• What are the main barriers to taking action beyond the fence-line and how can you overcome them?
• How can you measure the environmental and economic benefits of taking action beyond the fence-line?

We look forward to your participation!