From ocean to zip code in a changing climate

The safety of population and urban assets along the rising seas are strained under forces of a changing climate. Nowadays, urban development demands a far wider set of disciplines to address sustainability in an integrated framework. The state of science and technology provides the means of adaptation, but

What more does it take to translate the state-of-the-art scientific advancement to the safety and prosperity of citizens in this ever-changing context?

Professionals, scientists, decision makers and urban developers were invited to join this event on to learn from latest developments of the water sector in climate adaptation, and exchange ideas with a panel of leading experts and policy makers.

The symposium was organised by Deltares, Tembusu and NUSDeltares.

From Ocean to Zip Code in a Changing Climate – Event Takeaways

Recordings and Presentations 

Block 1, Coastal Adaptation


Block 2, Urban Resilience

  • Introduction urban resilience – Ms. Annemieke Nijhof (Deltares)
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  • Keynote Speech Climate Resilience: Polder Culture or an Urban System Approach – Mr. Khoo Teng Chye (CLC) 
    recording | presentation
  • Designing Resilience in Asia Programma – Prof. Lam Khee Poh (NUS) 
    recording | presentation
  • Urban Adaptation and the Climate Resilient City Toolbox – Mr. Frans van de Ven (Deltares)
    recording | presentation
  • Urban Ecosystems – Ms. Holly Siow (TEMBUSU) 
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  • Panel Discussion 
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Overview presenters