Webinar Session – River Basin Planning and Modelling symposium

This 1,5-hour webinar session includes the two keynotes of the River Basin Planning and Modelling symposium during the Delft Software Days – Edition 2017 (DSD-INT 2017).

KEYNOTE 1: Establishing Integrated Water Resources Management for River Basins Planning guidelines
by Judith ter Maat, Deltares

The IWRM planning guidelines as recently developed for the World Bank should be seen as a supporting tool that allows involved national and regional agencies and consultants to identify key elements that should be addressed in a good IWRM or Integrated River Basin Management Plan (IRBMP). Moreover, it supports the identification of the sequential and parallel steps that need to be followed. This presentation will explain how this can be done within the specific process of making a plan or in the process of cyclic planning in five main steps in which the analysis should be carried out.

KEYNOTE 2: Introduction to computational Frameworks – Example Ganga Basin
by Marnix van der Vat, Deltares.

The Ganga Basin is experiencing rapid socio-economic developments that have a large impact on the demand for water resources. Climate change adds to the uncertainty and possibly the variability regarding future water availability. To support strategic planning for the Ganga Basin by the Indian Ministry of Water Resources and the concerned states, a river basin modelling suite has been developed that integrates hydrology, geohydrology, water resources management, water quality and ecology with the RIBASIM water resources model at its core. This modelling suite has been developed with the involvement of key basin stakeholders at both central and state levels. It is currently being applied for the assessment of the impact of different future socio-economic and climate change scenarios and management strategies on the most important indicators in relation to water resources management. This presentation presents the set-up and calibration of the modelling suite.