Adam Bezuijen

Physical modelling in geotechnics, tunnelling and geotextiles

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As a specialist in physical modelling in geotechnics, tunnelling and geotextiles, Adam Bezuijen wrote and edited in 6 books and published over 100 scientific publications and many reports. He was assigned to appealing research projects in the Netherlands and abroad (in the fields of coastal engineering, dredging, physical modelling and tunnelling). Adam is guest lecturer at Delft University and Senior lecturer and director of the Laboratory of Geotechnics at Ghent University.

He was chairman of the normalisation committee CEN/TC 189 “Geosynthetics” and is now chairman of ISSMGE TC204 “Underground construction in soft ground” and executive member of ISSMGE TC104 “Physical modelling in geotechnics”.

He presented many lectures, amongst these keynote lectures on tunnelling (TC28 conference Shanghai, 2008) and  Geotextiles (Portuguese Conference 2011).

He received a certificate of appreciation for “patriotic civilian service” from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for his contribution in fact finding and model tests for the New-Orleans levee system after the Katrina hurricane. He was co-author of the paper that won the Keverling Buisman prize in 2011.

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Working experience

2012 Ghent University Senior Lecturer/director Laboratory of Geotechnics.
2008 - present Deltares Member Knowledge team ‘Geo’ at Deltares.
2006 - 2008 GeoDelft Member of the Scientific Board - GeoDelft.
1991 - 2012 GeoDelft / Deltares Scientific Coördinator Centrifuge.
1991 - 1995 GeoDelft (Sen.) Consultant.
1984 - 1991 Soil Mechanics Delft Project specialist.
1981 - 1984 Soil Mechanics Delft Project leader Laboratory.