Karen Meijer

expert environmental flows


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Dr. Karen Meijer holds a PhD in water resources management and MSc’s in civil engineering and international public policy and public management. Her main fields of interests are global environmental governance (international climate change policies) and the multi-actor context of policy implementation. Particularly, she is interested in how new approaches or policies to increase the sustainability of natural resources use and management can be implemented. Often this requires insights in both technical and institutional aspects, and the active involvement of stakeholders. Approaches not only need to be economically sound, but also need to provide the right incentives for actors to change their behaviour. Experienced in analysing and facilitating such innovation processes have been gained through involvement in the development of ‘STORM’ an approach – to assess the added value and chances of successful implementation of water management innovations, and through research on implementation impediments in the fields of environmental flows, on incentives for farmers and companies not to deforest, and on the availability of finance for climate adaptation in developing countries.