Simone van Schijndel

Director Geo-engineering

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Simone started working at Delft Hydraulics/Deltares in 1997 after finalising her masters in fluid mechanics at the Delft University of Technology. In the first ten years of her career she was closely involved in the ‘Room for the River’ project and was responsible for the project coordination of the research activities for this new river management approach, including the development of the Planning Kit for the Dutch large rivers (Blokkendoos).

Simone currently is the unit director for the Geo-engineering group at Deltares. Since 2008 she was head of the department for operational water management. A group of more than 30 water experts, software engineers and ICT specialists that is responsible for the implementation of water management systems in an operational context. Their activities are supported by Delft-FEWS, the community developed software that provides an open shell for operational water management and RTC-Tools, the toolbox for real time control of hydraulic structures.

The group has supported over 60 organisations worldwide (global,national, regional and local) with the implementation of their operational water management systems. In all cases this has lead to better insight in their natural systems, better information as a base for decision making in a crisis and/or more effective operations of reservoirs, dams and other structures.

The position of Deltares in these implementations allows us to advance in the scientific field of operational water management as well. We are very well capable of bridging the gap between science and the real world.

Working experience

2016 - present Deltares, director Geo-engineering Managementteam
2008-2015 Deltares, Operational Water Management group Department head
2006 - 2007 Delft Hydraulics Senior river engineer
2000 - 2005 Delft Hydraulics Medior river engineer
1997 - 1999 Delft Hydraulics Junior river engineer