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  • Large scale physical model tests on sand filled geotextile tubes and containers

    Auteurs: Steeg, P. van; Bezuijen, A. (2010)

     Paper about large scale physical model tests on sand filled geotextile tubes and containers.

  • Effects of suspended sediments on food uptake for zebra mussels in Lake Markermeer, The Netherlands

    Auteurs: Penning, W.E.; Noordhuis, R.; Dionisio Pires, L.M. (2013)
    Gepubliceerd in: Inland waters, volume 3 (2013) nummer 4, pagina 437-450

  • Validating and improving models for vibratory installation of steel sheet piles with field observations

    Auteurs: Mens, A.M.J.; Korff, M.; Tol, A.F. van (2012)

    In order to improve prediction methods for installation of steel sheet pile walls, observations from the Dutch engineering practice have been compared with six prediction models by applying the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve technique. This paper introduces this technique to estimate the quality of a model and to optimize parameters and variables.

  • Comparison of sequential and simultaneous model predictive control of reservoir systems

    Auteurs: Xu, M.; Schwanenberg, D. (2012)

  • Rapid pile load tests in the geotechnical centrifuge

    Auteurs: Hölscher, P.; Tol, A.F. van; Huy, N.Q. (2012)

    Centrifuge experiments were carried out to gain insight into the factors that affect the mobilized resistance during rapid load testing on piles in sand. The influence of generated pore water pressure during rapid load tests is studied, and its effect on the commonly used unloading point method to derive the static pile capacity.

  • Estimation of the uncertainty in water level forecasts at ungauged river locations using quantile regression

    Auteurs: Roscoe, K.L.; Weerts, A.H.; Schroevers, M. (2012)
    Gepubliceerd in: International journal of river basin management, volume 10 (2012) nummer 4, pagina 383-394

  • Testing probabilistic adaptive real-time flood forecasting models

    Auteurs: Smith, P.J.; Weerts, A.H. (2014)
    Gepubliceerd in: Journal of flood risk management, volume 7 (2014) nummer 3, pagina 265-279

  • New measurement technology for dike monitoring

    Auteur: Koelewijn. A.R. (2009)

    Description of the dike failure field tests as part of the IJkdijk pogramme.

  • Total engineering geology approach applied to motorway construction and widening in the Netherlands - part II : pilot site tidal deposits

    Auteurs: Ngan-Tillard, D.; Venmans, A.A.M. (2010)
    Gepubliceerd in: Engineering geology : an international journal, volume 114 (2010) nummer 3-4, pagina 171-180

    The total engineering geology approach is applied to a roadway pilot project in the tidal deposits of the Western Netherlands. Its benefit as compared to the conventional geotechnical site investigation is demonstrated. Combining laser scanner altimetry data that is readily available to low cost GEM-2 electromagnetic surveys, allows for the refinement of the local geological model. Small and large scale heterogeneities have been detected in this study. Their existence has been confirmed by a line of closely spaced CPTs. On the basis of laser altimetry and GEM-2 signature, the identified heterogeneities are classified. Only a limited set of heterogeneities representative of the different classes requires a further detailed investigation. Aspects of feasibility, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness have a need for further research.

  • Dosing of anaerobic granular sludge bioreactors with cobalt : impact of cobalt retention on methanogenic activity

    Auteur: Fermoso, F.G. (2010)
    Gepubliceerd in: Bioresource technology, volume 101 (2010) nummer 24, pagina 9429-9437

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