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  • Solvation thermodynamics and the physical-chemical meaning of the constant in Abraham solvation equations

    Auteur: Noort, P.C.M. van (2012)

    Formules voor het intercept in Abraham solvation vergelijkingen voor partitieprocessen zijn afgeleid op basis van een modificatie van de Ben-Naim standard state in termen van het van der Waalsvolume.

  • Assessing dune erosion: 1D or 2DH? : the Noorderstrand case study

    Auteurs: Geer, P.F.C. van; Boers, M. (2012)

     The Dutch safety assessment rules primarily focus on the cross-shore processes related to dune erosion during an extreme storm. Acase study of the Noorderstrand (Schouwen) reminds us of the importance of taking into account effects of these alongshore processes.Both a study of the available (GIS) data and an extensive study with the numerical model XBeach show various processes thatinfluence the amount of dune erosion during an extreme storm.

  • Reliability of dune erosion assessment along curved coastlines

    Auteurs: Hoonhout, B.M.; Heijer, C. den (2010)

    The dune assessment methods used to ensure the safety of the lower areas in The Netherlands are based on simpleempirical relations that are, strictly speaking, only valid for infinitely long, uniform and straight coasts. The wideapplication of these relations is mainly justified due to intentional overestimation of the expected dune erosion.

  • Modeling groundwater flow through embankments for climate change impact assessment

    Auteur: Esch, J.M. van (2012)

    This paper assesses the consequences of droughts and periods of heavy precipitation for embankments. The proposed assessment procedure couples an agrometeorological model based on the Penmann-Monteith expression to a groundwater flow model based on Dupuit's approximation. Climate change will alter the boundary conditions and a tipping point analysis shows that the dike under consideration fails if the evapotranspiration increases by a factor two.

  • Lowest astronomical tide in the North Sea derived from a vertically referenced shallow water model, and an assessment of its suggested sense of safety

    Auteur: Slobbe, C. (2013)
    Gepubliceerd in: Marine geodesy, volume 36 (2013), pagina 31-71

  • Assessment of the effects of the Zuider Sea closure on the hydrodynamics of the Wadden Sea inlets

    Auteurs: Vroom, J.; Elias, E.P.L.; Lescinski, J.; Wang, Z.B. (2012)

    Aim of the current study is to improve our understanding of the observed morphological development due to the closure of the Zuider Sea. This paper focuses on the development of the ebb-tidal deltas of the Texel and Vlie inlets, focusing on the change in main channel orientation.

  • Morphodynamic development and sediment budget of the Wadden Sea over the last century

    Auteurs: Elias, E.P.L.; Spek, A.J.F. van der; Wang, Z.B.; Ronde, J.G. de (2012)
    Gepubliceerd in: Netherlands journal of geosciences, volume 91 (2012) nummer 3, pagina 293-310

    The availability of nearly 100 years of bathymetric measurements allows the analysis of the morphodynamic evolution of the Dutch Wadden Sea under rising sea level and increasing human constraint. Thelarge continuous sedimentation in the tidal basins (nearly 600 million m3), the retained inlets and the similar channel-shoal characteristics of thebasins during the observation period indicate that the Wadden Sea is resilient to anthropogenic influence, and can import sediment volumes evenlarger than those needed to compensate the present rate of sea-level rise.

  • Assessment of the potential forecasting skill of a global hydrological model in reproducing the occurrence of monthly flow extremes

    Auteurs: Candogan Yossef, N.; Kwadijk, J.C.J.; Bierkens, M.F.P. (2012)

    As an initial step in assessing the prospect of using global hydrological models (GHMs) for hydrological forecasting, this study investigates the skill of the GHM PCR-GLOBWB in reproducing the occurrence of past extremes in monthly discharge on a global scale. Global terrestrial hydrology from 1958 until 2001 is simulated by forcing PCR-GLOBWB with daily meteorological data obtained by downscaling the CRU dataset to daily fields using the ERA-40 reanalysis. Simulated discharge values are compared with observed monthly streamflow records for a selection of 20 large river basins that represent all continents and a wide range ofclimatic zones.

  • Tipping from the Holocene to the Anthropocene : how threatened are major world deltas?

    Auteurs: Renaud, F.G.; Jeuken, A.B.M. (2013)
    Gepubliceerd in: Current opinion in environmental sustainability, volume 5 (2013) nummer 6, pagina 644-665

  • Closing horizontal groundwater fluxes with pipe network analysis : an application of the REW approach to an aquifer

    Auteurs: Reggiani, P.; Rientjes, T.H.M. (2010)
    Gepubliceerd in: Environmental modelling and software, volume 25 (2010) nummer 12, pagina 1702-1712

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