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  • Simplification of biotic ligand models of Cu, Ni, and Zn by 1-, 2-, and 3-parameter transfer functions

    Auteurs: Verschoor, A.J.; Vink, J.P.M.; Vijver, M.G. (2012)

    Biotic ligand models (BLM) fro calculation of water-type specific effect concentrations are a major improvement in risk assessment of heavy metals in surface water. Model complexicity, and data requirement, are an obstruction for regulatory implementation. BLMs were simplified to linear equations to facilitate regulatory use.

  • Serious gaming in training for crisis response

    Auteurs: Kleermaeker, S.H. de; Arentz, L. (2012)

    In this practitioner report, we present the experiences with the use of the serious game Water Coach in a national training for crisis response professionals in the Netherlands. This paper describes the set-up of the training and its learning objectives. We explain the usability of the Water Coach in such a training and the extended functionalities that were required. Finally, the evaluation of the training, in which we focus on the added value of a serious game in the training for crisis response, is presented.

  • Phytoplankton composition in Dutch coastal waters responds to changes in riverine nutrient loads

    Auteurs: Prins, T.C.; Desmit, X.; Baretta-Bekker, J.G. (2012)

    Since 1990, The Netherlands has carried out a routine monitoring program in the North Sea, including analysis of phytoplankton composition. An analysis of these data for the period 1990-2007 shows a trend in phytoplankton composition, toward an increase in diatom biomass and increased blooms of several diatom species.

  • Mud-induced wave damping and wave-induced liquefaction

    Auteurs: Winterwerp, J.C.; Boer, G.J. de; Greeuw, G.; Maren, D.S. van (2012)
    Gepubliceerd in: Coastal engineering : an international journal for coastal, harbour and offshore engineers, volume 64 (2012), pagina 102-112

  • Solvation thermodynamics and the physical-chemical meaning of the constant in Abraham solvation equations

    Auteur: Noort, P.C.M. van (2012)

    Formules voor het intercept in Abraham solvation vergelijkingen voor partitieprocessen zijn afgeleid op basis van een modificatie van de Ben-Naim standard state in termen van het van der Waalsvolume.

  • Assessing dune erosion: 1D or 2DH? : the Noorderstrand case study

    Auteurs: Geer, P.F.C. van; Boers, M. (2012)

     The Dutch safety assessment rules primarily focus on the cross-shore processes related to dune erosion during an extreme storm. Acase study of the Noorderstrand (Schouwen) reminds us of the importance of taking into account effects of these alongshore processes.Both a study of the available (GIS) data and an extensive study with the numerical model XBeach show various processes thatinfluence the amount of dune erosion during an extreme storm.

  • Reliability of dune erosion assessment along curved coastlines

    Auteurs: Hoonhout, B.M.; Heijer, C. den (2010)

    The dune assessment methods used to ensure the safety of the lower areas in The Netherlands are based on simpleempirical relations that are, strictly speaking, only valid for infinitely long, uniform and straight coasts. The wideapplication of these relations is mainly justified due to intentional overestimation of the expected dune erosion.

  • Modeling groundwater flow through embankments for climate change impact assessment

    Auteur: Esch, J.M. van (2012)

    This paper assesses the consequences of droughts and periods of heavy precipitation for embankments. The proposed assessment procedure couples an agrometeorological model based on the Penmann-Monteith expression to a groundwater flow model based on Dupuit's approximation. Climate change will alter the boundary conditions and a tipping point analysis shows that the dike under consideration fails if the evapotranspiration increases by a factor two.

  • Lowest astronomical tide in the North Sea derived from a vertically referenced shallow water model, and an assessment of its suggested sense of safety

    Auteur: Slobbe, C. (2013)
    Gepubliceerd in: Marine geodesy, volume 36 (2013), pagina 31-71

  • Assessment of the effects of the Zuider Sea closure on the hydrodynamics of the Wadden Sea inlets

    Auteurs: Vroom, J.; Elias, E.P.L.; Lescinski, J.; Wang, Z.B. (2012)

    Aim of the current study is to improve our understanding of the observed morphological development due to the closure of the Zuider Sea. This paper focuses on the development of the ebb-tidal deltas of the Texel and Vlie inlets, focusing on the change in main channel orientation.

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