Building the Netherlands Climate Proof: Urban Areas

Frans van de Ven, Eric van Nieuwkerk, Karin Stone, William Veerbeek, Jeroen Rijke, Sebastiaan van Herk & Chris Zevenbergen (2011). Deltares.


In this report an assessment framework for the vulnerability of urban areas is presented. Furthermore, this report provides building stones for national policy directed towards climate robust urban areas. The following research questions are central in this report:
1. Where (what physical system) does climate change have an effect on urban areas?
2. How can society cope with these effects, so what adaptation options are there?
3. What are the merits and consequences of these adaptation options?
The aim of this study is to roughly determine the technical, social and economic consequences of adaptation to climate change in urban areas. The national government can use the outcome to define a national policy framework for
creating climate robust urban areas in The Netherlands.