Geo Risk Scan – Getting grips on geotechnical risks

Bles, T. J., van Staveren, M. T., Litjens, P. P. T., & Cools, P. M. C. B. M. (2009, June). Geo Risk Scan–Getting grips on geotechnical risks. In Geotechnical Risk and Safety: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Geotechnical Safety and Risk (IS-Gifu 2009) 11-12 June, 2009, Gifu, Japan-IS-Gifu2009 (p. 339). CRC Press.


Ground conditions appear a major source of cost overruns in infrastructure projects, which has been confirmed by recent Dutch research. As an answer to these cost and time overruns, ground related risk management has rapidly evolved in recent years. Deltares for instance developed the GeoQ-method. In the Netherlands, Rijkswaterstaat, the Centre for Public Works of the Dutch Ministry of Public Works and Water Management, is initiator and owner of all federal infrastructure projects. They asked Deltares to perform a Geo Risk Scan on five selected projects of the top 20 largest Dutch infrastructure projects. The Geo Risk Scan proved to be an effective tool for quickly providing information about the degree and the quality of ground related risk management in infrastructure projects. This paper describes the Geo Risk Scan, as well as its application within five projects. The evaluation of the five projects resulted in six main lessons which are further elaborated in 20 recommendations. These lessons may help project owners, engineers, and contractors to manage their construction projects.