Bather Safety App for Sand Motor upgraded

- The rescue services working at the Sand Motor acquired a new bather safety app recently that provides a picture of the currents throughout the area.

Scale tests for Veessen-Wapenveld high-water channel

- To protect Deventer, Zutphen and the villages on the IJssel River from extreme high water and flooding, an eight-kilometre-long channel is being created between Veessen and Wapenveld.

Dutch experts help the Philippines to be more flood-resilient

- Five experts from the ‘Dutch Risk Reduction Team’, which includes Deltares, are visiting the Philippines right now. They are looking at what is needed to make the country more resilient so it can cope with the forces of nature in the future.

Measuring sagging sewers from space

- It will soon be possible to monitor sagging sewers from space. This is an improvement on the traditional measurement methods, which are imprecise and extremely expensive.

New assessment framework for investment in dike upgrades

- When is a dike safe enough? ‘Monitoring and/or upgrading?’ was the question facing a range of experts on 4 July looking at how to tackle flood defences that don't comply with safety standards. An assessment framework allows decision-makers to balance investments and failure risks.