International specialists in new chemical pollutants meet at Deltares

- Hundreds of specialists in new pollutants such as pharmaceuticals and health care products met at Deltares in Delft last week.

Pollutants traced faster in groundwater

- Deltares is to develop a new type of passive sampler that will make it possible to trace polluting elements such as pesticides and medicines in groundwater, even in very low concentrations.

New knowledge and opportunities for groundwater in Colombia

- Deltares and UNESCO-IHE are to study groundwater in Colombia. The contract was signed recently in Cali in Colombia with the Corporación Autónoma Regional del Valle del Cauca (CVC), the regional government authority responsible for water management in the project area.

Tests for Tsunami Barrier

- The principle behind the Tsunami Barrier from DSM Dyneema works. This was seen during trials conducted by Deltares.

Harry Baayen new chairman of NIOZ

- Harry Baayen, who was the Deltares managing director until 2012, is taking up the position of chairman of the new board of the Netherlands Institute for Marine Research (NIOZ).

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