Demand for Dutch expertise on Nicaragua Canal

- HE Dr. Paul Oquist, a Nicaraguan minister and an advisor to the President for the Nicaragua Canal project, has visited Deltares.

Checking climate-robust roads in just a few steps

- From October onwards, European road directors will be able to identify, in just a few quick steps, the sections of their road networks that are most vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

Maintenance where it matters

- Deltares has teamed up with CROW, a Dutch knowledge community on an exploratory study to help municipal authorities to make better decisions about maintenance work resulting from land subsidence.

Deltares participates in framing vision on coastal risk along U.S. coasts

- The U.S. National Research Council has issued a new report on coastal risks along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts of the United States.

Bather Safety App for Sand Motor upgraded

- The rescue services working at the Sand Motor acquired a new bather safety app recently that provides a picture of the currents throughout the area.