Delta cities are facing long-term problems such as land subsidence, climate change and rapid rises in the population. Jakarta, New Orleans or Gouda: they can all look forward to major challenges.
Policymakers from a range of national Colombian government authorities visited Deltares last week for a knowledge-exchange programme about water management.
Minister Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation signed a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday with the federal government of Mexico (Conagua) in the field of flood risk management.
For the cyclone Ita, arriving in Queensland, Deltares made a simulation on April 10, of the effects of the cyclone on the water level.
The Sand Motor appears to be doing its job: strengthening the coast in a natural way by using the wind, waves and currents. The sand from the man-made peninsula on the coast near Ter Heijde (in South Holland) is spreading as predicted by the Deltares models.