Deltares is focusing on improving the quantification of risks, and on sustainable and effective solutions. We are also pursuing equitable and inclusive implementation strategies and reliable warning systems (like Delft-FEWS).

We support decision-makers and end users with the assessment of flood risks and the implementation of effective and equitable adaptation and mitigation measures. We have identified four priority areas for this purpose: forecasting extreme floods, effective risk management, improved protection and practical ways of warning about impending disasters.

Addressing flood challenges together

A range of experts, including physicists, risk managers, engineers, ecologists and social scientists, work together at Deltares. We offer practical solutions that are environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and equitable. We do this in collaboration with clients and partners worldwide. We share our knowledge, often in open-source programs such as Delft-3D, and develop products that integrate local knowledge.

Up-to-date information is crucial to address flood challenges, and our open-source approach ensures that this information is freely available. Because our products are used throughout the world, and by a range of users, we can continuously improve our expertise.

Our partnership with Deltares delivers a technology that bridges multiple flood types and the expertise of local stakeholders has helped hone the software to make it an effective community planning tool

Dr. David Alexander, Department of Homeland Security; Science & Technology senior science advisor for resilience. Source: US DHS

You can contribute

Contribute to combating flood challenges and make a difference. Partner with Deltares and benefit from our expert team, dedicated to providing practical and sustainable solutions for flood risk assessment and adaptation. From predicting extreme flooding to actionable disaster warnings, we are committed to empowering governments, NGOs, citizens, and society to protect against flood risk. Let's work together to improve the world's ability to combat flooding challenges. Contact us to learn more.

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