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  1. 01/05/2024

    Surface-2-Storage - final report

    In the project Surface2Storage, we have explored and developed two different methods to derive relationships between surface area, estimated from earth observations, and water levels. Once established, these relationships can be used to operationally invert a water level from an EO observed surface area (for which we use the freely available…
  2. 01/04/2024

    Dike erosion landside slope : Progress report 2023 Sito-PS KvK DE1

    In order to obtain a relation for the erosion of the landside slope by wave overtopping, a model developed by ISL has been validated and calibrated for data obtained at wave overtopping tests at the Hedwigepolder (2023) and at Delfzijl (2007), all on bare clay. Results are compared with results from small-scale erosion tests on samples taken at…
  3. 01/04/2024

    Water system description : A58 low-tech campus area

    The aim of this report is to provide a water system description that can serve as a baseline description to be used for further development of holistic water management opportunities. This description of the water system provides the basis for use specifically in the approved INTERREG Rural Roadwater Rescue (RRR) Project (INTERREG).
  4. 01/04/2024

    Morphological model for the River Meuse : Sambeek-Grave v0.8

    Recent events, such as the flood in July 2021 in the Meuse River in which large changes in bed level posed problems to infrastructure, have shown that up-to-date morphodynamic models are essential to aid in evaluation of measures and policy choices. The Meuse River at present does not have a validated numerical model for morphodynamics. To…
  5. 01/02/2024

    Alameda Creek Restoration: Effect on Local Groundwater Supply

    The intention is to deepen a small portion of the Alameda Creek bed, which spans over 60 meters, with the aim of easing sediment transport and reducing the frequency of dredging. This will result in a local decline in groundwater levels, potentially influencing the interconnected system of groundwater infiltration linked to neighboring lakes and…
  6. 01/02/2024

    Can Precipitation-Related Incidents on the French Railway Network be Predicted in Advance? : Internship Project Report

    To improve flood mitigation, the French Railways (SNCF-Réseau) would like to use short-term forecasts to predict when a precipitation-induced incident would occur on the railway network. This study explored whether precipitation-induced incidents on the SNCF network between 2018-2022 can be predicted in advance. Precipitation accumulations from a…
  7. 01/01/2024

    Shallow‑subsidence vulnerability in the city of New Orleans, southern USA

    Land subsidence in the city of New Orleans (USA) and its surroundings increases flood risk, and may cause damage to buildings and infrastructure and loss of protective coastal wetlands. To make New Orleans more resilient to future flooding, a new approach for groundwater and subsidence management is needed. As a first step in developing such an…
  8. 01/12/2023

    Morphological model for the river Rhine : First (v0) model of the Waal branch

    This report describes the set-up of a pilot version (v0) of a 2D morphological model of the Waal river. The model will be developed further and calibrated in the coming years.
  9. 01/12/2023

    Implications of the KNMI’23 climate scenarios for the discharge of the Rhine and Meuse

    This report summarizes the main implications of the latest generation of climate change scenarios on the discharge of the rivers Rhine and Meuse. The main focus of the report is: • The analysis and presentation of the effects of climate change on the river discharges of the Rhine and Meuse derived from the recently released KNMI’23 climate…
  10. 01/12/2023

    Groundwater module SOBEK : A groundwater module for the hydraulic model of the Rhine between Andernach and Lobith in GRADE

    A groundwater module SOBEK has been developed as module for the SOBEK 3 model of the Rhine to represent the water exchange between river and aquifer. Several model runs have been carried out and the simulation results were analysed to assess the usage of the groundwater module SOBEK with respect to three aspects: 1) Added value of modelling…
  11. 01/12/2023

    Evaluation of discharge extremes in the Meuse river and her tributaries

    In July 2021, extreme discharges caused extensive flooding in many tributaries of the Meuse, driven by an intense precipitation event. At these locations, this event was the highest observed on records and much higher than previous extremes observed. This event also happened in summer, which makes the event even more rare. Frequency analysis…