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  1. 01/01/2024

    Shallow‑subsidence vulnerability in the city of New Orleans, southern USA

    Land subsidence in the city of New Orleans (USA) and its surroundings increases flood risk, and may cause damage to buildings and infrastructure and loss of protective coastal wetlands. To make New Orleans more resilient to future flooding, a new approach for groundwater and subsidence management is needed. As a first step in developing such an…
  2. 01/12/2023

    Implications of the KNMI’23 climate scenarios for the discharge of the Rhine and Meuse

    This report summarizes the main implications of the latest generation of climate change scenarios on the discharge of the rivers Rhine and Meuse. The main focus of the report is: • The analysis and presentation of the effects of climate change on the river discharges of the Rhine and Meuse derived from the recently released KNMI’23 climate…
  3. 01/10/2023

    Impact of offshore floating solar on the marine environment : review

    This literature review aims to identify the main impacts of offshore floating photovoltaic (OFPV) installations for the marine environment, with a focus on the southern North Sea. It discusses the impacts on hydrodynamic processes, suspended sediments and oxygen, primary producers, primary consumers, and higher trophic levels. In addition to the…
  4. 01/10/2023

    Activity Plan 2024 SITO Institute Subsidy

    This 2024 SITO Institute Subsidy Activity Plan sketches the outline of the mission-driven Strategic Research that Deltares will conduct in 2024 with the SITO institute subsidy. It outlines how the Deltares Strategic Research aim to contribute to designing innovative and sustainable solutions for the complex and urgent challenges facing society.…
  5. 01/10/2023

    Modelling of nutrient load scenarios and transboundary nutrient transport : a model study for OSPAR regions II, III and IV

    In this report, we calculated the relative contribution of 24 geographical groups of riverine sources and of atmospheric deposition, the Atlantic Ocean and outflow from the Baltic Sea to the nutrient concentrations in the OSPAR assessment areas in the NE Atlantic. The results showed that river plumes and some coastal assessment areas showed the…
  6. 01/04/2023

    3D DCSM-FM: a sixth-generation model for the NW European Shelf : 2022 release

    Upon request of Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), Deltares has developed a sixth-generation hydrodynamic model of the Northwest European Shelf: the Dutch Continental Shelf Model - Flexible Mesh (DCSM-FM). This model is the latest in a line of DCSM models and a successor to the fifth-generation WAQUA model DCSMv6. Specifically, this model covers the North…
  7. 01/01/2023

    Improving the modelling of flow over groynes : modelling of laboratory cases

    Groynes are ubiquitous structures present in the Rhine for more than a century. When groynes are submerged during high flow periods, they cause additional friction (or energy loses). Modelling of the energy losses caused by groynes is essential for a proper management of the river system.Several models exist for considering the effect of groynes…
  8. 01/01/2023

    Addressing Water-Related Disasters in an Era of Multiple Crises: Lessons from Global Responses to COVID and Climate Change : A Flagship Report for the High-level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters

  9. 01/01/2023

    conceptual framework for fine sediment dynamics in the Scheldt estuary : providing a framework for data and model analyses and impact assessments

    In the Scheldt estuary, located in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), authorities cope with several problems and challenges associated to fine sediment dynamics. These are related to dredging, turbidity, and development of intertidal areas and salt marshes. These issues are typical for other estuaries with large ports around the world, in…
  10. 01/01/2023

    DWSM: a sixth-generation 3D model of the Dutch Wadden Sea : 2022 release

    The development of this model is part of a more comprehensive project in which sixth-generation models have been developed for all waters maintained by RWS. An important difference with the previous fifth-generation models is the use of the D-HYDRO Suite (known internationally as the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite), the new software framework for…
  11. 01/01/2023

    Hydrological impacts of Climate Change in Bhutan : Preparing a Climate Rationale for the Green Climate Fund

    Understanding the impact of climate change on water resources is crucial for selecting adequate adaptation strategies at a local scale. Global meteorological re-analysis datasets are useful to evaluate current-day climate conditions and trends, as a first step in a climate change assessment in poorly gauged basins. However, these datasets often…
  12. 01/01/2023

    implications of the KNMI'23 climate scenarios for the discharge of the Rhine and Meuse

    In 2021, the United Nations climate panel (IPCC) published the new version of the international climate report (the Sixth Assessment Report, AR6). The report presented the latest projections for climate change worldwide. The projections are based on the latest scientific knowledge and most recent climate models. On 9 October, the KNMI presented…