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  1. 01/02/2024

    Alameda Creek Restoration: Effect on Local Groundwater Supply

    The intention is to deepen a small portion of the Alameda Creek bed, which spans over 60 meters, with the aim of easing sediment transport and reducing the frequency of dredging. This will result in a local decline in groundwater levels, potentially influencing the interconnected system of groundwater infiltration linked to neighboring lakes and…
  2. 01/02/2024

    Can Precipitation-Related Incidents on the French Railway Network be Predicted in Advance? : Internship Project Report

    To improve flood mitigation, the French Railways (SNCF-Réseau) would like to use short-term forecasts to predict when a precipitation-induced incident would occur on the railway network. This study explored whether precipitation-induced incidents on the SNCF network between 2018-2022 can be predicted in advance. Precipitation accumulations from a…
  3. 01/01/2024

    Creating the Dutch One Health Shared Socio‑economic Pathways (SSPs)

    The world is changing, in terms of both climate and socio-economics. These changes have the potential to have a profound impact on the health of humans, animals and the environment, often grouped together as ‘One Health’. Humans, animals and the environment are closely interlinked and to determine realistic future vulnerabilities we must consider…
  4. 01/01/2024

    Shallow‑subsidence vulnerability in the city of New Orleans, southern USA

    Land subsidence in the city of New Orleans (USA) and its surroundings increases flood risk, and may cause damage to buildings and infrastructure and loss of protective coastal wetlands. To make New Orleans more resilient to future flooding, a new approach for groundwater and subsidence management is needed. As a first step in developing such an…
  5. 01/12/2023

    Morphological model for the river Rhine : First (v0) model of the Waal branch

    This report describes the set-up of a pilot version (v0) of a 2D morphological model of the Waal river. The model will be developed further and calibrated in the coming years.
  6. 01/12/2023

    Implications of the KNMI’23 climate scenarios for the discharge of the Rhine and Meuse

    This report summarizes the main implications of the latest generation of climate change scenarios on the discharge of the rivers Rhine and Meuse. The main focus of the report is: • The analysis and presentation of the effects of climate change on the river discharges of the Rhine and Meuse derived from the recently released KNMI’23 climate…
  7. 01/11/2023

    Beaver behaviour during high water regarding burrows in levees

    The beaver population has grown exponentially since its reintroduction in the Netherlands. The beaver digs their burrows in soil structures, including levees. This weakens the levees and causes them to lose their strength, endangering the safety of the levee. The beaver digs into the levee, especially when the water in the river rises rapidly.…
  8. 01/10/2023

    Impact of offshore floating solar on the marine environment : review

    This literature review aims to identify the main impacts of offshore floating photovoltaic (OFPV) installations for the marine environment, with a focus on the southern North Sea. It discusses the impacts on hydrodynamic processes, suspended sediments and oxygen, primary producers, primary consumers, and higher trophic levels. In addition to the…
  9. 01/10/2023

    Activity Plan 2024 SITO Institute Subsidy

    This 2024 SITO Institute Subsidy Activity Plan sketches the outline of the mission-driven Strategic Research that Deltares will conduct in 2024 with the SITO institute subsidy. It outlines how the Deltares Strategic Research aim to contribute to designing innovative and sustainable solutions for the complex and urgent challenges facing society.…
  10. 01/10/2023

    Modelling of nutrient load scenarios and transboundary nutrient transport : a model study for OSPAR regions II, III and IV

    In this report, we calculated the relative contribution of 24 geographical groups of riverine sources and of atmospheric deposition, the Atlantic Ocean and outflow from the Baltic Sea to the nutrient concentrations in the OSPAR assessment areas in the NE Atlantic. The results showed that river plumes and some coastal assessment areas showed the…
  11. 01/04/2023

    3D DCSM-FM: a sixth-generation model for the NW European Shelf : 2022 release

    Upon request of Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), Deltares has developed a sixth-generation hydrodynamic model of the Northwest European Shelf: the Dutch Continental Shelf Model - Flexible Mesh (DCSM-FM). This model is the latest in a line of DCSM models and a successor to the fifth-generation WAQUA model DCSMv6. Specifically, this model covers the North…
  12. 01/01/2023

    WASH in a wider context - planning resilient WASH services

    A paradigm shift is needed to stimulate the necessary responses and investments to achieve climate resilient water security outcomes that deliver (co-)benefits to all, including job creation, public health, and disaster resilience.