On this page you will find an overview of current projects being carried out by Deltares.


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  • Energy transition
  • Future proof infrastructure
  • Water supply
  • Floods
  • Drought
  • Subsidence
  • Sea level rise


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  1. Sinking and corbels more robust and effective with geotextiles

    Together, SME and Deltares are coming closer to solutions for sustainable management of waterways and protection of bottoms and banks. Zinc and collar pieces are mats composed of row timber with or without reeds and/or a sole of geotextile. These zinc and corbels are essential components in the sustainable management of waterways and serve as…
    Future proof infrastructure
  2. Exposing vulnerabilities in the road network

    Major roads in the Alps are vulnerable to flooding from rivers. That is the conclusion of a study by Deltares and Amsterdam VU-University that was published in 2021. Among other things, it identified high-risk locations of this kind. The researchers used a new technique to calculate in very fine detail the flood risks for every road in Europe,…
  3. PIANC Guideline: support sustainable development

    Global economic growth demands increasing port expansion and construction, involving dredging and construction activities. These activities may lead to various adverse impacts on the marine environment, especially when carried out near sensitive coastal plant habitats such as seagrass meadows, mangroves and salt marshes. Together with partners,…
  4. Forecasting hurricane impacts in coastal areas

    Hurricanes cause high winds, rain, storm surge and waves, which results in flooding, coastal erosion, damages to buildings and infrastructure and casualties among the population. The accurate forecasting of these events is essential to minimize these impacts.
  5. Accelerating multi-use in offshore wind farms

    The North Sea is foreseen to play a big role in our energy transition. The area required for offshore wind farms is huge, which can significantly challenge nature and food production at sea. How can we design and use offshore wind farms in such a way that they also function as food and energy plants and contribute to biodiversity restoration?…
    Energy transition
  6. SURICATES reusing sediments to improve regional resilience

    The SURICATES project (Sediment Use as Resource In Circular And Territorial EconomieS) implements new large-scale solutions for reusing sediments in ports, waterways and coastlines of North-West Europe (Interreg NWE programme). Solutions are available to the authorities, port and waterway managers and experts in erosion control.
    Health water, soil Future proof infrastructure
  7. The Adelaide Receiving Environment Model (AREM)

    To support the optimisation of their operations, South Australia (SA) Water commissioned Deltares to help develop the Adelaide Receiving Environment Model (AREM). The development and application of the AREM model were expected to lead to a better understanding of the present conditions in the Adelaide coastal waters with respect to avoiding…
    Health water, soil
  8. The Updated Bays Eutrophication Model (BEM)

    The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) manages a sewage system that collects wastewater from Greater Boston and sends it to the Deer Island Treatment Plant. The plant effluent is discharged through a new outfall farther offshore in Massachusetts Bay. At the time of implementation, this project constituted a major improvement for the…
    Health water, soil
  9. Climate and water-robust: the Low-Lying Netherlands in 2050 and beyond

    Efforts to make the low-lying areas of the Netherlands climate- and water-robust still take the current situation with respect to land use as their starting point. With technical interventions in the water and soil system, we try to solve problems with the aim of maintaining the current situation. The question is whether, in part given climate…
    Floods Water supply Drought
  10. Uncovering the Mekong Sand Debt

    Until the 1990s, the Mekong river was one of the most pristine in the world. But increased economic activity, including sand extraction, has caused it to become one of the world’s most vulnerable. Research by Deltares experts and local partners has now shown that the Mekong Delta is now in danger of sand debt due to sand mining and upstream…
  11. Waves in North Sea better predicted by Machine Learning

    In coastal engineering projects and ship navigation, predictions of waves are crucial. The installation of an offshore wind turbine in the North Sea, for example, depends on a complex interplay of wave movements, influenced by wind and swell. The more accurate and reliable wave forecasts are, the better the execution of projects at sea can be…
    Energy transition Future proof infrastructure
  12. Forecasting Hurricanes on US Coasts

    Every year between June and November, hurricanes threaten the Atlantic coasts of the US and the Caribbean. They cause high winds, rain and surge, and consequently, extensive flooding and coastal erosion. Causing casualties among the population and damages to buildings and infrastructure. It is important to understand the complex nature of the…