On this page you will find an overview of current projects being carried out by Deltares.


  • Health water, soil
  • Energy transition
  • Water supply
  • Future proof infrastructure
  • Floods
  • Subsidence
  • Drought
  • Sea level rise


  • Asia
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • United States and Canada
  • Middle East and the Gulf Region
  • Oceania
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  1. CREEP in geomaterials

    The development of mathematical models for predicting creep in geomaterials, and making those models suitable for practical use, are central to this project. Creep is a phenomenon that is seen, for example, in soft soils, resulting in time in deformation in the ground. It is seen frequently in the Dutch peat areas that Deltares works with. Sound…
  2. CRYSTAL clear energy storage

    In the years to come, the number of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) systems in cities will increase sharply. In very built-up areas, these systems can affect each other. There is still little coordination of ATES systems and the adopted remedy has been to maintain large distances between them. ATES managers are concerned that neighbouring…
    Energy transition
  3. Caisson Placement at Chioggia Inlet, Venice

    Physical modelling of the placement of the Venice Flood Barrier gate caissons at the Chioggia Inlet.
    Future proof infrastructure
  4. Case study Dumfries, Scotland

    The focus of this project is on developing timely flood maps and impact information to support emergency responders. For this project, the catchment of the River Nith to Dumfries is being used as a pilot study. The tools and techniques have been gathered into a new framework for real-time risk/impact forecasting, referred to as FEWS-Risk.
  5. Case study Manila, Philippines

    In this study a Delft-FEWS based forecasting system was developed to address impact based early warning for Manila Bay, Philippines. The current implementation focusses on cyclone events. The forecasting chain combines global forecasted data on storm surges, a local Delft3D FM hydrodynamic model of the bay and the hinterland and the Delft-FIAT…
  6. City of Antananarivo: New concepts to combine Nature Based Solutions with evacuation during floods

    Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and its most populated city, faces several urban challenges. Water-related challenges, such as urban floods and water pollution, are especially relevant, since they are interconnected and have a high social, economic and ecological impact. Moreover, they commonly affect some of the most vulnerable…
  7. Climate change in relation to vector borne diseases – One Health PACT

    Outbreaks of (new) infectious diseases in humans and animals are occurring more often and worldwide. That is linked to various factors, such as international trade and travelling, population growth and climate change. In the Netherlands, a relatively large number of people, livestock and animals live near each other. Combined with our water-rich…
    Health water, soil
  8. Climate change risk assessments and adaptation for roads - the ROADAPT project

    Infrastructures are the backbone of our society. Citizens, companies and governments have come to rely on and expect uninterrupted availability of the road network. Extreme weather is an important factor for the reliability of the road network. It is generally understood that the climate is changing and that this will have significant effects on…
  9. Coastal zone management study for Aruba

    The beaches of Aruba are widely considered to be among the cleanest, most spacious and spectacular in the Caribbean region. But seasonal beach erosion and decreasing water quality are affecting the beautiful coastline of the island. Commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and financed by the Aruba Tourism Authority, Deltares in association…
  10. Coincidence analysis for the Noorderzijlvest water authority

    The conjunction of high outer water levels at sea with extreme rainfall (in other words, ‘coincidence’) can represent a problem for the drainage of polder and canal systems in the Dutch coastal area. Using models, Deltares has worked with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) on the area managed by the Noorderzijlvest water…
  11. Collaborative modelling in the Philippines, Tacloban

    Although the Philippines are endowed with plentiful water resources, the state is often described as a paradox of abundance and scarcity. Moreover, this situation is set to worsen with projections revealing that, with a low economic growth scenario, water shortages will occur in most regions. The government of the Philippines is therefore…
  12. Combating subsidence for a resilient New Orleans

    New Orleans has an effective storm drainage system to pump away water following a heavy rainstorm. However, the pumps also operate when it is dry: besides rainwater, they also (unintentionally) lower the groundwater level, causing the peat and clay to dry out and settle and the ground to subside. Moreover, industry relies partly on groundwater as…
  13. Comparative study of block revetments for dikes

    In the context of the “Comparative study of block revetments for dikes”, Deltares investigated the type specific stability of all modern block revetments.
  14. Critical Infrastructure Preparedness and Resilience Research Network (CIPRNet)

    The CIPRNet consortium will make a decisive effort towards providing support from the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) research communities to emergency responders, governmental agencies and policy makers, enhancing their preparedness against service disruptions of Europe’s complex system of interconnected and dependent infrastructures.
  15. Cumulative Impacts and Joint Operation of Small-scale Hydropower Cascades Supported by REDP

    Small Hydropower (SHP) in Vietnam is defined as having less than 30 MW of installed power and is considered to have an important current and future contribution to renewable energy generation. Already more than 370 small hydropower plants are operational or under construction. A further several hundreds of plants are planned, with a total power…