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  1. Guidelines for effective plastic removal from rivers

    Allseas asked Deltares to determine optimal locations in rivers for removing plastic litter. Where should a plastic capture device be located to be most effective in removing litter?
  2. Understanding the effects of floating solar panels in Andijk

    Solar energy is a popular clean energy source to realise the energy transition. In the Netherlands, solar panels on roofs of houses and buildings are already commonplace. Meadows are also popular for accommodating solar panels. However, space for large-scale generation in the Netherlands is scarce. Increasingly, floating solar panels are seen as…
    Energy transition
  3. Marker Wadden

    Marker Wadden is an island group of nature islands located in the Markermeer. The islands are made with excess sediment from the lake bottom. They have been thoroughly investigated over the past five years (2017-2022). The research focused on the themes of building with fine sediment, ecosystem development and governance.
    Health water, soil
  4. What does an aquathermal system cost?

    Policy-makers, heating companies and organisations behind initiatives who want to implement aquathermal energy can now make a realistic estimate of the costs per GJ of heat supplied and carbon emissions for their aquathermal systems. Researchers in the WarmingUP heating collective have drawn up detailed cost calculations for seven realistic…
    Energy transition
  5. FATracker: Deep-learning based observation of fat, oil and grease layers in wastewater pumping stations

    The accumulation of floating deposits of fat, oil and grease (FOG) causes pump sump failure in many wastewater drainage systems. The configuration of pumping stations hampers the transportation of floating debris (such as oils or plastics), which accumulates on the surface of the sump.
    Future proof infrastructure
  6. Next Generation Drought Index

    The Deltares’ Next Generation Drought Index provides timely and relevant drought information for any specific sector at the local level in data scarce regions, allowing to detect drought and its sector-specific impacts and risks at early stages.
  7. Environmental impact of tidal power in the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier

    In 2015, an array of 5 tidal turbines was installed in the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier. To investigate the impact of these turbines, different research projects have been set up. The aim of these research projects is to investigate the impact of tidal energy extraction on the environment.
    Energy transition
  8. Global modelling of tides and storm surges

    Extreme sea levels, caused by storms and high tides, can cause coastal flooding and erosion. With sea-level rise and climate change, low-lying areas around to world will experience increased risks. To mitigate these risks, there is a need for accurate forecasts on when and where extreme sea level will occur and a good understanding how risks will…
  9. Supporting the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative

    The Africa Climate Mobility Initiative (ACMI) is a joint undertaking of the African Union Commission (AUC), the United Nations, and the World Bank (WB). The ACMI is designed to support the efforts of the AUC and African nations to both harness the potential of mobility in the context of the climate crisis, as well as to address climate-forced…
  10. Paramaribo Drainage management project

    The Government of Suriname is implementing the Saramacca Canal System Rehabilitation Project (SCSRP) with a loan from the World Bank. The project aims to reduce the flood risk for people and assets in Greater Paramaribo and to improve flood resilience. Component 1 of the SCSRP project is the rehabilitation of the Saramacca Canal sluices and locks…
  11. Spanjaards Duin dune area

    Spanjaards Duin (40ha) is a new dune area, constructed in 2008/9 in front of the existing dunes of the Delfland coast near The Hague (the Netherlands). The area will compensate for predicted quality loss of rare and vulnerable dune habitats due to the extension of the Port of Rotterdam (Maasvlakte 2). Deltares has acted as advisor for…
    Health water, soil
  12. Aquifer Storage and Recovery for sustainable banana production in the Magdalena region, Colombia

    Improving water management techniques in the banana sector is one of the prioritised topics for the coming years and is a cornerstone of the bilateral agenda on circular agriculture of the Dutch Embassy in Colombia. As part of the Partners for Water program, a project has been initiated to foster collaboration between Dutch and Colombian…