On this page you will find an overview of current projects being carried out by Deltares.


  • Health water, soil
  • Energy transition
  • Future proof infrastructure
  • Water supply
  • Floods
  • Drought
  • Subsidence
  • Sea level rise


  • Asia
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • United States and Canada
  • Oceania
  • Middle East and the Gulf Region
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  1. Integrated Flood Resilience Strategy for Yangon City 2021-2040

    Over the recent years there has been a change in the way the city of Yangon is dealing with floods. The city is growing rapidly and the impact of flooding is becoming more visible in the way it limits the city’s social and economic development.
  2. Saint-Louis, caught between two threats

    Saint-Louis, Senegal, is caught between two threats. The coastal town in northern Senegal is located on a sand spit at the mouth of the Sénégal River, where high river levels cause flooding during the wet season. At the same time, the city borders on the sea, which means that storms and waves also cause flooding and coastal erosion on the narrow,…
  3. Estimating plastic discharges from rivers and coastlines in Indonesia

    Inland communities can generate large amounts of mismanaged plastic, which can be mobilised and transported into the sea through runoff and rivers. Quantifying plastic inputs from land-based sources and identifying those hotspots that are contributing the most to these leakages is key to target appropriate measures and monitor the effectiveness…
    Health water, soil
  4. Framework for sustainable investments in the Blue Economy

    The importance of the Blue Economy is increasing quickly in the global economies. There is a better recognition of the potential of Blue Economy to give impulse to economic development, employment and innovation. Importantly, a sustainable Blue Economy can play a central role in alleviating the pressures on land resources, offering new…
    Health water, soil
  5. Extreme wave loads on platforms offshore wind

    Deltares has recently applied detailed CFD modelling to compute extreme wave loads on resting and external working platforms for the Vesterhav Offshore Wind Farm, Denmark, that is to be constructed by Vattenfall.
  6. City of Antananarivo: New concepts to combine Nature Based Solutions with evacuation during floods

    Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and its most populated city, faces several urban challenges. Water-related challenges, such as urban floods and water pollution, are especially relevant, since they are interconnected and have a high social, economic and ecological impact. Moreover, they commonly affect some of the most vulnerable…
  7. MOMENTUM unique research microplastics and possible effects on our health

    The use of plastic materials results in the release of small plastic particles – micro- and nanoplastics (MNPs) – to our environment. More research is needed into the possible effects on our health. In the MOMENTUM project, we are looking at the impact on human health from different perspectives in order to make a better assessment of the risks.
    Health water, soil
  8. 3D model for computation of water levels, currents and temperatures

    The North Sea is one of the most heavily used seas, with resulting competition between nature, transport, recreation, energy and food supply. How will an offshore wind farm affect the hydrodynamics and transport of fine sediment in this unique ecosystem? What impact does climate change have on water levels along North Sea coasts? Such questions…
  9. GBM Works and Deltares test a silent method for installing offshore wind turbine foundations

    Start-up GBM Works B.V. tested a new concept for a quieter installation of monopiles (foundations of offshore wind turbine) in the Geotechnical laboratory of Deltares. The tests provided sufficient insights for the scaling up of the method for demonstration testing at the Maasvlakte 2 test location. This took part in Phase 1 of the SIMPLE project.
    Energy transition
  10. LAC: Capacity building and training

    Our motto is ‘dare to share’, which we put into practice through our open source and freely available software, the emphasis on collaborative development, capacity building and hands-on training.
  11. LAC: Financing Framework for Water Security

    To close the current gap between strategic adaptive planning for water security and the investment planning phases, we have developed the Financing Framework for Water Security.
  12. LAC: Disaster Risk Management and climate change: preparing for uncertainty

    Latin America and the Caribbean are exposed to multiple hazards including river and coastal floods, droughts, earthquakes and landslides. Most of these will intensify due to climate change. The World Bank Natural Disaster Hotspots study (Dilley et al. 2005) indicates that seven among the world's top 15 countries exposed to three or more hazards…