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  1. Veldwerk Reinier Schrijvershof Deltares Eems Dollard

    Studying dynamics in intertidal areas

    To what extent do changes in the intertidal zone, places that run dry at low tide, affect waves and currents? And how does this affect the formation of channels and mudflats of an estuary as a whole? To better understand this and collect data with which to test numerical models, Reinier Schrijvershof regularly travels to the Eems estuary in eastern Groningen for his PhD research.

    24 June 2024

  2. Coverfoto biodiversiteit def 1 1

    Working together for biodiversity

    How can Deltares help to preserve and restore biodiversity? Sacha de Rijk and Antonios Emmanouil are working on combining knowledge and on establishing a sound dialogue between ecologists and engineers. Both disciplines are needed to combat biodiversity loss.

    1 May 2024

  3. Barry ros 2

    Green dikes rather than strips of asphalt – a Q&A with Barry Ros


    Barry Ros is a project manager for the Fryslân water authority, which wants to investigate how natural measures can help to make future-resilient dykes. Wetterskip Fryslân, together with Deltares, University of Twente and TU Delft, is studying the effect of salt marsh grass and foreland on the force of waves reaching the dyke. As a result, a dyke may need less space.

    20 March 2024

  4. Delft canal tour

    9 must see water and subsoil highlights when visiting Delft


    Each year, hundreds of international water managers, engineers and scientists visit Deltares. The visitors come to work with us on joint research projects, to attend events such as the Delft Software Days, and to consult us for strategic water issues. Many of our visitors stay in Delft for several days or weeks. By visiting these highlights, you will enjoy your visit to Deltares even more.

    26 January 2024

  5. uitzicht op industriegebied vanaf zee

    Development of a coastal wave emulator using new technologies


    How can we achieve global coverage and locally relevant coastal wave estimates? Deltares experts Fedor Baart, Martin Verlaan, Guus van Hemert and former Deltares expert Anna van Gils utilised new technologies to develop a coastal wave emulator. In this blog Fedor Baart explains about the development of this simulator.

    10 August 2023

  6. Waterwingebied bord drinkwaterplatform

    Groundwater: key to a resilient and sustainable world

    It is time for groundwater to become more visible. The invisible underground ‘water towers’ beneath our feet contain 100 times more freshwater than the volume of surface water on the continents. But this groundwater is under pressure due to unsustainable use, salinisation and pollution. We all depend on this fresh groundwater: for nature, for drinking and eating, and for our economy. The transitions required, such as the water, energy and agricultural transitions, mean we need to make responsible decisions about the use of water and space, and that includes the subsurface. In this groundwater year, we are eager to make the urgency of these issues, our intended social impact and groundwater expertise visible. Allow us to give three examples.

    17 March 2023

  7. Dry drier drought 1

    Assessing drought risks to support decision making, risk financing and disaster response


    Droughts are among the most far-reaching and yet some of the most elusive natural hazards to nature as well as to mankind. In recent years, countries around the world have been severely impacted by droughts that affect food supply, agricultural income, employment opportunities, drinking water facilities and energy production.

    16 March 2023

  8. White beach blue sea

    A small window of opportunity to keep our planet liveable

    Roshanka Ranasinghe, Senior Specialist Deltares and IHE Delft’s Professor of Climate Change Impacts & Coastal Risk, contributed to the latest assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was released earlier this month. He explains here why the world needs to act NOW to adapt and to avoid runaway climatic change.

    14 March 2023

  9. Grondwatermeting met bewoners in New Orleans 735x335

    Measuring groundwater yourself


    What is the groundwater level on your land? Groundwater levels that are too high or too low can cause damage. Using the instructions below, you can measure the groundwater level yourself and discover how this level changes due to factors like rain, drought or building work in your area.

    10 March 2023

  10. 20201201 Oude Maas Heinenoord 2 scaled 736x190 acf cropped

    12 frequently asked questions about high water on rivers


    The peak discharge of the Meuse in early 2023 was the highest discharge measured since records began in july 2021. The second and third highest discharges were in January 1926 and December 1993, when the peaks were in the same order of magnitude (between 3000 m3/s and 3300 m3/s). An overview of frequently asked questions and answers can be found below

    29 January 2023

  11. Expo dubai

    Uniting Water, Energy and Food at the WFE summit at Expo2020 Dubai

    The Middle-East has specific water-energy-food challenges. Most Middle East countries are water scarce but have abundant fossil fuel reserves (e.g. Gulf Cooperation Council countries) and solar energy potential. Moreover, energy prices are often subsidized while the region has the world’s lowest water tariffs and the highest GDP spent on public water services (World Bank, 2017).

    1 January 2022


    Managing floods and droughts: the governance challenges

    Floods and drought are some of the most tangible and devastating consequences of climate change. Deltares and The World Bank organised a session during the Stockholm International Water Week titled 'Managing Floods and Drought: The Governance Challenges'. The session aimed at presenting a new framework, referred to as the EPIC Response, for the combined management of floods and drought.

    17 November 2021